A Reading List for Advertising Folks

I have been reading a lot of advertising and marketing related stuff lately. I hoarded tons of resources. I clicked on almost every good and bad website.

After subscribing and unsubscribing to a lot of newsletters, I finally gathered a bunch of useful websites. This post is more like a well-curated reference document citing those websites.

NOTE: This list isn’t exhaustive and it’s sort of incomplete. So if you have any website recommendations then please mention them in the comments. Cool? Let’s go.

Here’s a comprehensive reading list for advertising professionals

A ton of quality content, interesting interviews, and a properly formatted newsletter that’s delighting. I smile every time I receive an email from these guys.

Clean design, lovely articles, and fascinating work shared with a light-hearted tone. I’m glad I stumbled upon this website. I’ve been reading it since I first saw it.

A versatile platform devoted to creativity. It shares reviews about best work, thoughtful opinion pieces, and essays about trends that aren’t boring. Sweet things mostly.

Nicely picked creative work that’s inspiring and tells more about culture. The work broadly features all aspects of art, advertising, design and everything a creative can crave.

“I suggest the above sites if you don’t want to clutter your email with too many newsletters. However, if you’re a hungry and curious sponge like me, then also check out the sites below.”

News Websites

The sites above were more inclined towards creativity, craft, and inspiration. Though, the following list is about websites that keep you updated with the practical and business side of advertising.


This list contains blogs which share content written by some great folks in the advertising industry. Whenever you wish to read some authentic perspectives instead of the mainstream and cheesy articles, you can rely on the blogs below.

Okay, that’s enough.

I’ve kept this list limited to websites which talk about advertising in general. I’ll probably create another list for resources or tools. Until then, you can click that follow button to know when it gets published.

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