What you’re reading right now is the completion of a 100-day blogging streak that I had started last year.

The task was simple: to write and publish a fresh blog post every day for hundred days.

So, why do that?

Why write a hundred posts at all?

Here’s my honest list of reasons:

  1. To check if I could. I wasn’t…

It mustn’t show the same vegetables and milk equivalent stuff every time you look at it. It’s supposed to change.

Don’t bloody open and close it and wonder why nothing’s changing. Go, create something lovely, then put it on that shelf.

Then come stare at it like it’s some showpiece.

P.S. More like a reminder to myself.

Creative briefs are often treated as the holiest documents in agencies. Some planners might even prefer writing their briefs on carved stone tablets with molten gold.


Before you read further, let me disclose that I’m still starting out in Advertising. I’m no Sutherland or Trott, but I share my…

I have a word file called ‘advertising scribbles’ in which I dump all the useful stuff I find.

These slides contain a curated list of resources I’ve collected that can help you bring clarity to your fuzzy process.

While this stuff wouldn’t turn you into next Stanley Pollitt or John…

Take a 2-ton boulder and drop it on that paragraph. Compress it. Turn that untidy rambling into a concise, compact piece. Then slice it, chisel it, carve it.

I like sentences that hold more meaning than words.

Rewriting sentences until they’re crisp as potato chips and stripping words without losing…

Vishal Ostwal

Unconventional perspective. Honest words.

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