Vishal Ostwal
2 min readMay 23, 2018


“I called my friend after months. Maybe, after a year”

I called twice. He didn’t answer as he keeps his phone on silent. Then he called back after a while. We talked for 2 hours 13 minutes and 38 seconds.

And we talked, talked and talked. We discussed all sorts of topics. The random and the important ones.

“2 hours 15 fifteen minutes. Broke the last record,” he messaged back after the call. That felt like some sort of accomplishment.

Certain things are underrated

Talking is one such thing.

While we all get stuck in a rut and tiring lifestyle, we forget that we still matter to certain people. There are always a handful of people who care about you.

Or at least, they remind you that you can count on them. They can make you feel valued even when you’re shattered or have hit the rock bottom.

I don’t’ know what you may be going through — but you probably remember those who were there for you. The ones who made you feel like yourself. Be with them.

Call them, maybe

Life gets hard.

You may be recovering from a financial crisis, healing after a breakup or trying to escape a phase of depression — talking is helpful.

Not all relations last.

But some do.

They ask for nothing except your well-being. Don’t let them go. Do what it takes to save them. Start somewhere — calling is a fine idea.

Here’s a question

When was the last time you called your best friend, or perhaps, someone who mattered equally? How long did the call last?



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