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Vishal Ostwal
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Changing is hard — that’s what you've probably been taught.

Inculcating new habits in life can overwhelm you. But not when you make little efforts and understand how to do things properly, after which everything get easier and better.

Here are the 15 simple things you can do each day to make the most out of whatever you do, each day.

1. Make a simple to-do list

Before you sleep, or in the morning. This will help you organize your whole day at once. No confusions for the rest of the day.

2. Do what you love

You perform better when you’re in a good mood. Listen to your favorite music in your car. Eat what delights you. Wear the dress you love. All this matters.

3. Specify a ‘WHAT to do WHEN’ system

Take the keys and wallet WHEN you step out of the house. Shop WHEN you’re returning from office. Get a haircut WHEN it’s the last day of month. A simple system can work for you. Forever.

4. Cut-off what you don’t like

Don’t stay with people who embarrass you. Empty your heart of the words that belittle your ambitions. Get rid of what makes you heart ache. Take off your burden. Don’t waste your life. You’re meant to be happy in every moment.

5. Learn what can improve the quality of your life

Read. Talk to people. Take your education further. Nothing you learn is ever wasted. Someday you’ll need it. Whatever you learn makes you better.

6. Take care

You’re fatigued when you eat wrong. Not exercising ruins your health, slowly. You know what you should be doing. Start little. Change your life a bit. Begin with eating less food or including salad in your diet maybe.

7. Use accessibility to your advantage

You do what’s easy and shun what’s hard. Use this behavior to your advantage. For instance, put your phone away in a drawer and you’ll unknowingly use it less. If salad is the first thing you see in refrigerator, you’ll eat it often. Keeping a book where you sit can help you read more. You get the rest — accessibility affects your habits and lifestyle.

8. Turn-off notifications

Don’t feel guilty about using social media or gadgets. Just lower the frequency and time. Turning off the notifications can be enough to help you focus on other things. If there’s an emergency, they’ll call you.

9. Keep a daily quota

Set some milestones for yourself each day. After you accomplish them, you won’t feel guilty about working less or being a dork. You’ll have played your part. You can spend your time as you wish after that.

10. List down everything you can do

Write down all that you can do — when you’re free, when you’re travelling, when you get a break and when you get gaps you can utilize. You’ll do more. You’ll be aware of what you should be doing, and you’ll do it if you care.

11. Rest well

Take a nap, sleep enough or close your eyes and sit in silence for a while. Most people don’t get it. Resting can make you work more than when you’re constantly busy. It’s like sharpening your axe.

12. Organize stuff and habits

Keep your belongings where they should be; you won’t waste time searching them. Your day would go as planned. There will be less bad things happening to you. There will more peace and less disturbances.

13. Keep goals

Most people don’t do it; they think it’s useless. In reality, goals are to give you a direction and outline. Once you set them, you proceed with a specific change in mind. It clears your blurred thoughts.

14. Be imperfect

Your want for perfection holds you back. Get rid of it. In actuality, perfection only prevents you from getting better. Be a bit careless. It’s alright to be just okay.

15. Write the problem; write the solution

Seek solutions. When you’re anxious or when you’re stressed. The practice of writing your problems and writing the solutions to them helps you do that. Exactly.

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